Lucky for me I found 3 Rivers Firearm Training.

In 2010 I moved to Oregon, I kept reading in the newspaper of all the home invasions happening in Josephine County which Is where I live. Soon after that I read the Sheriff’s department had to lay off officers in my area due to budget cuts. I then decided I wanted a firearm to protect myself. I decided on a rifle so that I could also protect myself from large animals. I have never owned a firearm and frankly was afraid of hurting myself or others. I decided that prior to purchasing a firearm I would take training classes.

Lucky for me I found 3 Rivers Firearm Training. Don Ledbetter, owner and instructor, Don starts classes with formal written safety instructions and a test, then to the range to practice firing a firearm. We were taught one at a time how to hold and discharge the firearm properly and safely. I was intimidated by this new experience and Don realized it instantly, he took the time to come back to me, and and spnd time showing me how to hold aim and pull the trigger properly. By the end of the day I felt comfortable with these procedures. Don really watches over the class in a way that makes each individual feel safe and secure and making corrections where needed.

I felt so good about this experience so I went for another class. I recommend This training class to my friends and several have taken the course and came out of it feeling like I did. I highly recommend 3 Rivers and Don Ledbetter to anyone who wants an experienced instructor and great training!

Jim Fromberg