Feeling safe in our home

My wife and I recently participated in a series of firearms training classes with Don Ledbetter through 3 Rivers Firearms Training. We had moved out into the country and were primarily concerned about protecting ourselves from wildlife, but when our home was burglarized we realized that we needed to be familiar with defending ourselves from the criminal element as well. Neither of us had ever owned a gun and quite frankly we were intimidated by firearms. The initial pistol safety class we took from 3 Rivers was an excellent means of becoming familiar with the basic workings of a hand gun. Since then we have been comfortable practicing with our hand guns without any of the previous intimidation.

After taking the basic pistol class we decided to move on to the home defense class. We were very happy with the information that was provided regarding the legalities of defensing ourselves and techniques for avoiding trouble. Our instructor went over many scenarios of home invasions and how to handle them that helped us formulate plans for what to do o protect ourselves and our family.

Dr. Owen Martin