Eye opening

I was recently at The Armory here in Grants Pass and the guys there pointed out your ammo on their shelves. I figure ah what the hay I’ll try a couple for my 6.5 creedmoor. Well I just got back from the sports park and all I can say is wow! I’ve never had a gun shoot this well. I wish I could post pictures because coming from a computer I feel talk is cheap. I threw together a 3 round group at 100 yards and it measures 1/2″. Moved my scope and sent another 3 and pulled a 3/8″ group. I was so excited I could have cried. I’ve never had a weapon this accurate! Set up at 200 and pulled a 3/4″ and a 1.25″ groups. I stashed the rest of the shells and tried some high end box shells. I got an inch at 200 which is still amazing! I also paid twice the amount for the big box name over the 3rivers! However you guys are loading the 140gr amax over the nosler cases don’t stop because my gun loves them! I’ll be searching for some more! Thanks guys!


Feeling safe in our home

My wife and I recently participated in a series of firearms training classes with Don Ledbetter through 3 Rivers Firearms Training. We had moved out into the country and were primarily concerned about protecting ourselves from wildlife, but when our home was burglarized we realized that we needed to be familiar with defending ourselves from the criminal element as well. Neither of us had ever owned a gun and quite frankly we were intimidated by firearms. The initial pistol safety class we took from 3 Rivers was an excellent means of becoming familiar with the basic workings of a hand gun. Since then we have been comfortable practicing with our hand guns without any of the previous intimidation.

After taking the basic pistol class we decided to move on to the home defense class. We were very happy with the information that was provided regarding the legalities of defensing ourselves and techniques for avoiding trouble. Our instructor went over many scenarios of home invasions and how to handle them that helped us formulate plans for what to do o protect ourselves and our family.

Dr. Owen Martin

I learned more about firearms in two days than ever expected.

I attended a class that 3 Rivers Firearm training held at the shooting range in Grants Pass Oregon. Don Ledbetter, my instructor was awesome! He was very hands on with the firearms part of course. He was funny and had a great personalityin the classroom & he was patient when I was the last one to finish test. I went home and told all of my friends about the two day class. Two of my girlfriends who own firearms signed up for the next class. I would and will recommend Don Ledbetter and 3 Rivers Firearm Training over and over again.

Karen Berg, Grants Pass, OR

Lucky for me I found 3 Rivers Firearm Training.

In 2010 I moved to Oregon, I kept reading in the newspaper of all the home invasions happening in Josephine County which Is where I live. Soon after that I read the Sheriff’s department had to lay off officers in my area due to budget cuts. I then decided I wanted a firearm to protect myself. I decided on a rifle so that I could also protect myself from large animals. I have never owned a firearm and frankly was afraid of hurting myself or others. I decided that prior to purchasing a firearm I would take training classes.

Lucky for me I found 3 Rivers Firearm Training. Don Ledbetter, owner and instructor, Don starts classes with formal written safety instructions and a test, then to the range to practice firing a firearm. We were taught one at a time how to hold and discharge the firearm properly and safely. I was intimidated by this new experience and Don realized it instantly, he took the time to come back to me, and and spnd time showing me how to hold aim and pull the trigger properly. By the end of the day I felt comfortable with these procedures. Don really watches over the class in a way that makes each individual feel safe and secure and making corrections where needed.

I felt so good about this experience so I went for another class. I recommend This training class to my friends and several have taken the course and came out of it feeling like I did. I highly recommend 3 Rivers and Don Ledbetter to anyone who wants an experienced instructor and great training!

Jim Fromberg