A little about the owner of 3 Rivers Ammo, I started loading ammo (6mm and 9mm) in my teen years, yes the 70s, under the tutelage of friend of mine’s father, in his shed out back. He taught me the importance of safely loading ammo under controlled conditions. We went over storing all the components in a cool dry place away from any open flame and out of reach of unauthorized people. After all the safety items were out of the way he instructed me on how to the set up the loading machine, size the cases one at a time. The cleaning process was washing them by hand with soap and water he did not have a tumbler. I made sure each primer was fully seated. We moved on the choosing the correct powder for the cartridge (6mm) weighing to ensure the each load was correct, not under or over before I seated the bullet. After weeks of watching me load his ammo I finally got to load my ammo. Then we started all over with the 9mm.

Let’s fast forward to 1992 when I started shooting High Power Rifle Competition, 200 to 600 yards, and Long Range Rifle Competition, 800, 900 and 1000 yards. Now the ammunition would need to be very accurate for competition shooting. So I searched for someone to teach me the tricks of loading what competitive world calls long range ammo. The gentleman that took me under his wing was a U.S. Palma Team shooter Kenny Moore (May He Rest in Peace). Kenny was great he had all the good quality things and a dedicated loading room with heat and air conditioning which was nice. He spent many hours-months instructing me on the way to match prep brass (cleaning, unforming primer pockets, flash hole deburing, trimming and neck turning) and load long range ammo. He was also my shooting coach beginning in 1992, and boy could he coach!

The next was loading lots of pistol ammo while I was learning how to be competitive in Action Pistol matches. This time I asked a lot of reloading questions of the other competitors. They did not have the time to help. So I was on my own and taught myself.

Today, I have a dedicated loading room with heat and air conditioning. This room is where I manufacture ammunition for the public use. I started loading the tried and true ammunition that I shot in rifle and pistol competitions. I have expanded and now load many different rifle and pistol calibers using the knowledge received from my mentors and years of loading experience. The progression into different calibers came from the need of shooters in the competitive arena. I load ammunition for some of our Southern Oregon competitors in Action Pistol, Defensive Pistol and 3 Gun. I have expanded my manufacturing to include most all common calibers, along with specialty calibers. We are adding new calibers whenever the need arises. Also, 3 Rivers Ammo does custom loading for your shooting needs.